Organizational Management for Social Entrepreneurs

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2 Hour Per Week, 12 Week Program

Our Mission

The Cleveland Life Institute serves as an educational program and a brain trust for social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations that are committed to a social justice mission by enhancing their business sustainability and increasing their impact. 

We Are Inspired By You

Individuals like you are inspired to serve your community. Starting and growing a nonprofit are not easy tasks, we admire your commitment and we are here for you.  The Cleveland Life Institute (CLI) is an educational program to teach social entrepreneurship through bridging practical, team and community building classroom exercises, combined with community experts as guest lecturers, to demonstrate how to create and grow a sustainable nonprofit organization.

Who is the CLI Student?

Class Begins – Fall- September 14, 2022

WEDNESDAYS     –     7:00PM – 9:00PM      –      12 WEEKS

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Only 2 Hours Per Week – 12 Week Program

The Cleveland Life Institute now offers an online educational program designed for busy adults. The 12-week course “Organizational Management for Social Entrepreneurs” is tailored to the needs of participating nonprofits with a social justice mission. Using our innovative approach of combining interactive, and model-based learning, it empowers our students to execute a plan within their organizations to sustain well-managed social enterprises.

Congratulations to one of the members of the Spring Class of 2022

Special Note: CLI follows the guidelines set by the State for social distancing and safety
concerns. Masks removed for this picture only so we could show you our
graduation class.

Meet Our 2022 Guest Lecturers

Each semester Cleveland Life Institute creates partnerships with real world experts that will guide our students to new heights. Our guest lecturers include experienced community leaders from government, business, religion, healthcare and education.


Will Your Non-Profit Be Our Next CLI BluePrint Project?

Many institutions teach courses and others team building management skills.  Cleveland Life Institute Combines Both.

Each Semester CLI will choose one student’s non-profit organization to operate as the BluePrint Project, a model for their fellow students. The class will solve challenges via real-world experiences and scenarios from our experienced guest lecturers. Developing in 12 weeks a custom “BluePrint Plan” for their organization that can be put into immediate action. The Awardee will also receive a $1000 grant for their organization.

CLI BluePrint Project Benefits Award Benefits

  • $1000 Grant for Non-Profit Operations
  • Spotlight Position On CLI Website
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Non Profits are concerned
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Non Profits Employ
10% of Ohio’s Workforce

Why Social Entreprenuers and Non Profits are Important

Nonprofits embody the best in our culture. They support millions of individuals, families, and communities daily. They serve and educate our bodies, minds, and spirit and build our communities. Giving movement to our most noble of causes, they address pressing unjust conditions to enhance equity and well-being.

Often nonprofits and social entrepreneurs are tasked with taking on an increase share of the most difficult challenges in our society, burdened with little public support, all while being held to the highest standards of accountability. These unrelenting factors make the task of organization and management paramount.

Thank You To Our Partners

Thank You To Our Partners